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"Highly Recommend!"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I've been to chiropractors all over the city and can differentiate a great one from a mediocre one... and Dr. DeLeon is fantastic. Not only do I completely trust her with my back, she also has a warm, relaxed personality that I jive with and it makes my visits even more enjoyable. The facility is top-notch and takes a whole body approach. Also, unlike most chiropractors in the city (outside of K-town) she doesn't try to over-sell her adjustments and pressure you into coming in for an adjustment everyday. Also, my sciatic nerve tends to bother me from time to time and Dr. DeLeon showed me a stretch to help alleviate the pressure/pain. Highly recommend!

Tiffany B.

"Game Changer"

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I went to Dr. Alex Lee for acupuncture after a workout injury and he got rid of all my shoulder pain when nothing else really helped. He’s so knowledgeable and attuned to what the body needs. I now go to him to maintain the healing and it’s been a game changer. Thanks Dr. Lee!

Aleksandr F.


Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

Dr Jill DeLeon is AMAZING!!!! Words can barely express how thankful I am that I found Dr DeLeon. At 25 years old, I had been suffering from hip/groin pain that forced me to stop running. After about 4 months of resting from exercise and the pain still not having gone away, I went to an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI and cortisone shot. The MRI came back normal and the cortisone didn't make a difference. Then he referred me to a physical therapist. After 2 months with the physical therapist and no improvement, I went back to the orthopedic surgeon. He sent me to my gyno saying maybe it was some sort of "female problem." At this point I was extremely frustrated and was starting to get depressed because I hadn't been able to exercise for over 6 months and kept being told I would need to give up running all together. Luckily, my gyno told me I was not experiencing a "female problem" and referred me to her personal chiropractor, Dr Jill DeLeon.

When I went in for my first consult with Dr Jill, we spent about 30 minutes together going over my entire health history, the exercise I like to do, and more. Since this was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I didn't know much about it, she explained to me what a chiropractor does and how when the spine is misaligned, the nervous system and correlating organs can start functioning below optimal levels. Before adjusting me, she had me go get X-rays so she could see exactly what was going on with my spine. I was able to get Xrays the same day and come back for the follow up in which she analyzed my Xrays, showed me how my back was subluxated in a few different areas and then gave me my first adjustment.

After the first adjustment I already felt better than I had in a long time. Within 2 weeks I was able to ease back in to exercising without pain!!!!! Now it has been about 7 months since I first went, and I am still getting adjusted weekly because it makes my body feel so great. I am sooo happy I found Dr Jill and am so grateful to her. In addition to her being able to heal me with her hands, I have also learned so much other valuable health knowledge from her. I am feeling better than I have in years and it is all because of Dr Jill :)

Jessica LaBarbera

"Infinite Gratitude"

Patient Testimonials in Beverly Hills

I've been a massage therapist for 15 years. I hear people saying as the end of the work week approaches, Thank God it's Friday" and I don't know what that means because I work everyday and haven't had a vacation in 7 years! I'm not complaining nor bragging. I'm grateful to be busy but unfortunately through this journey I have neglected taking the advice I give my own clients and my body finally said enough is enough.

I have several disks out of whack from degenerative to bulging and ruptured as well as torn shoulders. I cannot take the time away for surgery and frankly I don't want surgery.

I called Dr Jill Deleon's office to set up an appointment... I couldn't handle the pain anymore and after witnessing the exceptional care Dr Deleon took of my fiance last year I had to step out of my own way and allow someone to take care of me. Dr Deleon is a true healer with out the bluff and fluff! She got me into the office right away and has been diligently, relentlessly, consistently, and successfully treating me.

I feel remarkably better. I also need to mention that Im very particular with who treats me especially when it comes to getting a massage...i dont let anyone work on me! That changed today!

There is an exceptional massage therapist at Dr Deleon's office who worked on me today who has what is known as THE TOUCH, his name is Miguel. His technique and knowledge of the body is unparalleled. I am in a state of balance and infinite gratitude to Dr Deleon, Miguel and the rest of the staff.

Derek C.

"A Must Try"

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I loved my experience at Pure Health! Great atmosphere, knowledgeable professionals and helpful staff. I would highly recommend this place, weather you are in need of chiropractor, nutritionist, stretch therapy, acupuncture, or a massage. They seem to have a lot of repeat clients and it is understandable. A must try!

Konstantin D.


DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc Patient Testimonials

I want to give a special thank you to Dr. Jill DeLeon and the Pure Health beverly Hills Staff. My career has me sitting behind a computer for sometimes up to 12 hours. As well I use to fight professionally. So I used to deal with lower back and joint pain consistently. But since ive been going to see Dr. Jill the pain has gone down 90%. I was on the road to arthritis by the time I was 30. However Dr. Jill and her amazing staff have me feeling better than ever. There knowledge of health is far beyond any other health center ive been too. You can tell its not just there job. ITS A LIFESTYLE!!!! Will never go anywhere else. This is my Chiropractic and Holistic Healthcare HOME!!!!!

Chris W.

"Extremely Helpful"

What People Say About DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc | Beverly Hills Chiropractors

I would give my over all experience with Dr. Jill a 10 star if I could! She was very honest, friendly and right on with my treatment. The reception desk was courteous and prompt with making my appointment and assisting me with my insurance questions. After doing yoga for over 20 years I found myself with a unbearable injury. Eager to find relief from my injury I was lucky enough to find Dr. Jill. She gave me several adjustments and used some different techniques with heat and massage I had never had done at any other office and it worked miracles on my pain. Thanks to Dr. Jill I am back to my regular routine and was informed about my body and what was best for my particular injury and prevention for the future. Dr. Jill was extremely helpful!! I would definitely recommend!!

Silvana E.

"Full of Love"

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

What I think of Pure Health Beverly Hills.... amazing! Such a great clean facility with yummy candy lol and the staff are super nice definitely not your tipical doctors office I feel like I'm visiting family when I go for my adjustments. And now Dr. Deleon I met her and instantly gravitated to her she's one of the smartest people I know full of love and such a kind heart plus she's like the best chiropractor ever I went in one day with a major headache and she instantly took it away! I give 5 stars to pure health!!

Candy G.

"Wow Wow Wow"

Success Stories in Beverly Hills

Wow Wow Wow went in to experience Dr Jill DeLeon's pure stretch therapy and came out transformed. I was diagnosed in seconds, the stretching began, I exited re-aligned, energized and focused. The distribution of energy from my new positive alignment, plus, awareness to correcting my posture has left people turning their heads. Thanks a million Jill!

Paul Cruz

"I'm So Grateful!"

Success Stories in Beverly Hills

After giving birth to my daughter 17 months ago, I've been suffering chronic low back pain. My OB-GYN referred me to Dr. Jill DeLeon 5 months ago and I see her twice per week. I had neglected my health for so many years that pregnancy was the straw that broke the camel's back. X-rays showed a really misaligned lower spine. For that reason, recovery hasn't been overnight. But after each visit, I feel better than before and each day I have longer stretches of time pain-free. Full recovery is right around the corner, I know that!

I grew up with Chiropractic (my dad was one) and know very well the benefits. I love Dr. Jill's adjusting technique (very similar to my dad's) and each time I leave her office, I feel better. Her staff is very professional and friendly. The type of staff my own father would have wanted greeting and helping his patients.

And an additional note that has been very important for me...Pure Health is so welcoming to little ones! I bring my 17 month old daughter with me every visit. She keeps busy digging through my purse while safely behind closed doors with me. Dr. Jill and staff treat her like a rock star. And for that I'm so grateful!

I recommend Dr. Jill DeLeon and Pure Health without hesitation!

Maria R.

"All Amazing And Kind"

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I LOVE Pure Health Beverly Hills! Dr Jill, Suley and Tina are all amazing and kind. Dr Jill is a fabulous chiropractor and was the only person to finally help me get rid of my hip pain so I could run again. So thankful for her

Jessica L.